Sunday, July 10, 2011

Well here I go!

Well here I go with the first blog. This is where I hope to do at least a weekly if not bi-weekly blogging of my Sapphire Stitching's Stitchins. Yes need to get the mojo of stitching back.

Been busy de-stashing my collection of I just better keep it just in case. And thanks to Hoarders" Buried Alive - said to myself - I do not want to end up like them! My craft room over the years has gone thru many clean-outs, destashing and decluttering. Good for awhile and then one thing laid and then another and then tripping over stuff. Clothes baskets. A years worth of repairs. So with that said. The last 3 months I have been cleaning every room in my house and the last 2 weekends my craft room went thru the second destashing. And it looks marvelous. Only my cardmaking and sewing items are there and that is it.

Of course the laundry section looks great as well. Since empty nested - now emptying the nest.

Declutter my office of over run of cross stitching kits - magazines and other stuff. That is looking great too!

So with that said - YARD SALE!!!! Then the rest goes to my little sister to sell the rest the following week for hers

So if you want that de-stashing, de-cluttering watch HOARDERS: BURIED ALIVE and you will inspired to do the same!

Hugs and Stitches Joan

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