Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Entering in a Crochet/Knitting contest - need feedback

In the process now for 4 days looking at my yarn color palette of light pink(3 skeins)/med pink/med blue and med sage and soft ecru color yarn. Went with this color palette since it was a specific brand of yarn and this was all the local store had in stock (good thing it was on clearance - pricey)

Entering an original pattern and going to be drawing up sketches tonight.

Feedback - 1. when at the hotels on my trip they all had what I call a bed scraf drapped across the bottom. Serves no purpose but look pretty. So thinking either that.

2. a small sleeve off the shoulder spring sweater

or 3. A hat, scraf and glove cover set
What do you my crafty friends think?