Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lil' Christmas Tree

So this is the Michael Powell - Mini xmas tree - the 2nd of my tripic - before the backstitching.
Will update the backstitching - should be completed by tomorrow.

In My Garden

This has been one of the most exhausting weeks in work. So when I take the pups out at night for the nightly doings - came around the side of my house and like a breathe of sunshine this is what I had to go back into my house and get captured on my camera.

I do so love the dew drop effect on the plant - this is the first year since we planted this hydragena that it produced blooms. Happy dance. Thanks for looking. Joan

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

4 more thimbles

Just a quick blog to let you see the 4 new thimbles my friend brought me back from Alaska
Thanks Chrispy!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Christmas In July Swap

Christmas in July

So last week in the mail it came all the way from Finland and My friend Pirjo. I meet her some 4-5 years ago on a group of cross stitchers and she has followed me to my own Yahoo Group Sapphire Stitching. She has featured me in some of her finishes on her own website Tam's Creations. So today was Christmas in July and got to open up my gifts. And they were plentiful!

See for your self from the pictures posted below as I catch my breathe.

This first picture contains fabric for quilting and smalls. My favorite is the first one with teh ethnic finland dolls on it and the others I love as well. Pirjo knows how I love halloween. Scrapbooking papers and embellishments even the ribbons and threads she used in wrapping i can use in cards. See the handstamped guy in the middle that is how I felt when I open my packages. A 12 cards package of small charts and stickers.
 Of course now onto the fabbies and threads. Not sure if you can see the soft hand dyed linen really beautiful. Also, a linen coaster to stitch. Hand dyed floss - fingers loven them  from ThreadWorx (the multi color) and Nima's threads - 2 skeins of Monster Green. Okay Tam looks like a monster to stitch! LOL!
 And of course my most favorite of all MORE THIMBLES! Took 2 pics so you can see the front and back of the first 2. The last one have to confirm with Pirjo looks like it was created from I would guess Elk bone. So recylcing at it finest!
So speaking of thimbles here are 2 more I received this week from my swap partner in Denmark! Thanks Stine! she also sent me a bead kit for making key chains and another one I am sure for beading but since still on the elastic a instant bracelet - looks like hemitite.
So as I end here and start another blog! Happy Christmas in July All! Joan

Friday, July 22, 2011

Meet my Girls

So many of you that follow my Facebook have meet my Girls.
The first one is my old girlie Bayslee just taken this morning.

This is her place in my office. Under the desk and near me. Bayslee just celebrated her 12th birthday this past June! Where did those years go. She is my shadow. It really is amazing, if she is sound asleep and I leave the room she will seek me out just to be with me. Bayslee is a Lab/border collie mix and in her younger days well there was no stopping her - and I mean that - off to the mountains she be running. The border collie in her - wanting to be on the move. But, these days she moves are her pace.

My newest girlie is Allye. Allye is a German Shepard/Pit Bull mix. She is a lovey too. Right beside me - where I am again there she is. She came here in foster care for a few weeks and has been here the last 4 months. My daughters' friend brought her here and only once did she come to see her. Sad I know but young kids don't realize the responsibilities of a young pup. Even though we wanted to bring another dog into our lives we wanted Bayslee to live her days out with us. But, Bayslee has taken Allye in to the fold and really has been a great assest - she keeps Bayslee energetic with walks in the woods and splashing in the creeks.
oh a picture here is one of her when she came to us a little pudge ball. LOL!
 And her she is today 5 1/2 months old and 30 pounds more if not more. Yeah we think that she will be bigger than Bayslee. She is such a cutie and what a pesonality she has. Loves her balls - they are everywhere - she loves fetching. This is her throne - my reading/stitching chair in my office.
So follow my girls doings as we take walks through the woods. Splashing in the water and having so much fun.
Here is a picture of one of our walks - a run in the creek.
This was a walk we took on Mother's Day - you can see how small Allye is - But they love wading through the creeks. But, a Bath you would think i was killing them, not as fun! LOL!

Hugs and Puppy Tail Wags from the Girlies

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Handmade "Real Stamped" Handmade Cards

Handmade "Real Stamp" Card Swap

So this is the 3 cards that I have created for my parnter in the above named swap on Swap-bot.

Since my partner is not a follower on my blog (yet) I can't wait to show these cards off. Spent the afternoon creating them (between those loads of clothes)(did I tell you how much I enjoy my craft room now that it is organize!)

Anyway, here is the first card - which is my favorite - featuring stamps from Norway. Using Walnut Inks for the first time - using the spray effect this really made a nice finish to the base of the card. Them embellishing with stickers and other cardstock. Using a raised 3-d of the center stamp of this tri-folded card.

 this is the inside first fold embellished with stickers of a vintage look

This is the second card featuring stamps from Australia and Singapore. this one I embossed the front and then dusted over with green chalk and embellished with Swarowski crystals. The center fold has the Singapore stamp.

And this is the bonus card - I only have the members of the swap make 2 cards but I cannot just stop at one - have to make a bonus and this was using The Simpson Family stamps I had on one of the many package I recieved. mounted on embossed card stock and then with the framed look on more embossed paper, again 3-d raised look for the stamps. Embellished down the side with stickers.

So now you know what to do with those stamps you receive that you think are so cool, put them in to a handmade card and use more fun stamps on your envie for the partners next card swap!

So now off to do some cross-stitching! Never ends and idle hands - well the crafting will never get done! LOL!

Hugs and Stitches

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mini Christmas Card Wall Hanging SAL


So as I take a poll on my yahoo group (want to join click here) on the interest in learning at least 10 or more basic speciality stitches. Which once the design is complete will be no more than 8" x 10".  Still in the planning stages now.

So keep watching my blog for updates.

The project start date will be September 20th and will progress with a new part added each following Saturday. The chart will be found here. Should be completed by the end of October - with finishing ideas.

So what I am looking for is ideas as to the type of speciality stitch you would love to see in this design. Send you emails to or comment here. Remember newbies will be learning as well. In some areas of the design I already have in place advance stitch options for the experienced stitchers.

I really think this is going to be fun! Oh fabbie - it does not need to be hand dyed but a color background is a must and it will be done on 14ct or 28 ct linen your choice. You will be given the material list the first weekend in September so that you have everything ready to go and start stitching.

Hugs and Stitches Joan

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Michael Powell's Mini Christmas Window done!

Well, while going through my stuff while de-stashing came across a WIP (work in progress) and found my Michael Powell's Mini Christmas Window I started with almost completion last fall. With a few stitches it is now completed! This is the first of 3, I am creating into a Tri-pic.

For those of you not familar with his works well I came across him about 3-4 years ago when I belong to another great designer stitching group. And it was love at first sight and then stitch! LOL! Here is his website so you can check his many designs. He does the art work and then it is converted into charts.

I am now doing one of the 2 Freebies that is offered as a member of his website. Mini Christmas Tree - that should only take me the week to get it completed.

The other is the Christmas Door. This will be adorning my walls for the holidays. Since limiting the amount of decorating anymore. Kids grown and no need for the week long decorating and another week long cleanup - well maybe 2. LOL!

So thanks for looking!
Hugs and Stitches Joan 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Well here I go!

Well here I go with the first blog. This is where I hope to do at least a weekly if not bi-weekly blogging of my Sapphire Stitching's Stitchins. Yes need to get the mojo of stitching back.

Been busy de-stashing my collection of I just better keep it just in case. And thanks to Hoarders" Buried Alive - said to myself - I do not want to end up like them! My craft room over the years has gone thru many clean-outs, destashing and decluttering. Good for awhile and then one thing laid and then another and then tripping over stuff. Clothes baskets. A years worth of repairs. So with that said. The last 3 months I have been cleaning every room in my house and the last 2 weekends my craft room went thru the second destashing. And it looks marvelous. Only my cardmaking and sewing items are there and that is it.

Of course the laundry section looks great as well. Since empty nested - now emptying the nest.

Declutter my office of over run of cross stitching kits - magazines and other stuff. That is looking great too!

So with that said - YARD SALE!!!! Then the rest goes to my little sister to sell the rest the following week for hers

So if you want that de-stashing, de-cluttering watch HOARDERS: BURIED ALIVE and you will inspired to do the same!

Hugs and Stitches Joan