Monday, May 28, 2012

Civil War Thimble Necklace holder

It's here and it is amazing
have to frame it in a shadow box, hope to this coming week took a day off from
work to get some odd things done around the house.

so here it is and will repost once it and the other thimbles i have are framed in their shadow boxes!

the necklace is a bit twisted but it is whole like the right side and the 2 extra thimbles that it came with. The one in the necklace and the oneto the left are called Tailors thimbles - the have no tops since when men use them their finger sticks through for easier use.

hugs and stitches joan

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's been awhile....

since I last posted and I have been really busy.

Back to work part time for the last 3 months and next week see the doctor about my arm - feel that this is as good as it will get with the mobility, 90% straight, but a bad fall and many months of therapy well let's just say - even she thinks that this is the best it will be.

Have done crocheting - since I can keep my arm close to me so...

I have entered a contest for Martha Stewart but to this date did not receive any notification of moving on! So now moving onto my next project.

Been really busy collecting more thimbles so now my collection is up to 866 thimbles and growing.

My most recent ones added was several that were relic dug from civil war encampments. one from Egypt from my swap on swap-bot. and several vintage ones added this week from ebay. need another case - running out of storage space.

So I will be adding pictures as I go along and getting my collection caught up in my database, way behind on the notation.

So need to get my thread selection for Papillions newest SAL! Around the world in 80 stitches.

need to get my sal finished with the design before release. s

So off I go for now - just wanted you all to know still here and need to start blogging as much as I do Facebook!

Hugs and stitches!