Friday, July 20, 2012

I Just Love Swaps

So yesterday I received in the mail the swap I hosted in a series for Thimble collectors

So this was for #6 Thimble and Christmas in July profile surprise and that I was!
Look at what I received!

My profile surprise - Uk cross stitch mag and extras

2 thimbles - Christmas Theme and on for the London Olympics

Then I went to use my free $20 in rewards from AC Moores and had fun with buying a embossing folder binder at 50% off and new Nicole folders on sale for $1.96 each so 5 folders and putting all the ones I already had in it and it is almost full now. love it!

Sending out to my swap partener for the book mark swap. Front and back view

So off to start working on my photo recyle swap project will post once done!

Happy swapping Joan

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vacation Photo Journal Book finished look

So I love doing swaps on Swap-Bot. I have been a member of this site since September 2008. From my cross stitching small projects where it all began. Now for swapping thimbles with others worldwide and sometimes in my own home state. To scrapbook supply swaps, spoiling swappers, post card swaps, card making, recycled projects and so much more ... for this one is a
Paperbag (lunch size) Photo Journal Book!

I wanted to share my finish look - but for basic instruction to get you started there are many resources . So let me share them with you to get you started.
Basic project how to from Scrapbook Crazy

Take the 3-4 lunch size paper bags and alternate as indicated in the above links. (I use 4 bags for my project) But, instead of matching up evenly the edges I stagger with about 1.5" overlap - see the 2nd picture below to see what I am writing about.

You can punch holes as shown, but to reinforce the pages - used 4 rivets. 2 each side of layers. Then fold in half and use hemp - ribbon to tie the book in half. as shown to the left side of below picture.

*Place a 1.25" strip of card stock along the first right edge. Starting with the cover decorated started with a pre-made dollie 5" dia. - ran through my adhesive maching to put the adhesive on only 2/3 of the dollie. Cover the backside of the 1/3 not get the adhesive with paper.

*Peel off paper and apply to front cover. Fold upward bottom 1/3 glue the 2 outside ends to bottom of dollie - right where the bottom stars are located. Take paper luggage tag and write what you want on the tag. Used another leather start and with hemp put through the tag hole. Now, glue the leather stars with buttons attached by floss. Finished cover.

Inside page 1-2, Travel page

* Page 1 - decorative paper, stickers, trim the edge with rick rack glued in place.

*Using a 1" card stock under the Travel words. Coordinating checker or strip paper for journaling on. This will be used to cover the next page strip in place.

Page 3-4

* This is a pocket page using the bag to store pictures - postcards - shells - etc.

* Pg 3 - Take a 2" card stock strip and score for even bending on the left side, this will actually be covered by the paper on the previous page. As shown you want to make sure that when gluing the pocket on to leave so that you can tuck the flap under as shown. Create a pocket and inserted a journal tag.

 pg 4 - finish this page as page 2, adding stickers and this can be used for journaling or picture.

Page 5 - 6, This is the Outdoors page * Pg 5 - This is done in order - strip of cardstock - 1" wide. Corragated card stock 4.25" square. Then create frame as shown. Glue a hard board as shown. only along the right side so this can serve to hold the picture in place.

*page 6, This can be use to notate a camping or hiking event - see that this is a pocket page that can store pictures of the day.

 * Page 7 - 8, going to the beach or pool pages. Use water look paper, trim with wave paper, embellished with flip flop stickers.

The water can mount a picture to it.

Page 8

* More photo space. Can use the center to enter in date of trip.

Another pocket page created by trimming the edge about 1/8" to open up. Will have to glue the inside look flaps. You will know when you cut it open. Attach a piece of yarn, rick rack or hemped under the paper before applying to hold it in place.

Page 9 - 10
* Post card page - for journaling - put in the address of the event. Apply stamp and postmark stickers for effect.
* On pg 9, stitch button to use for wrapping string around to close pocket. see left side of picture. Make sure use a piece of card stock on inside for added secure so stitching does not break through page.

Page 11 - 12
 * Memorial day, 4th or Labor day page.

Adhesive coordinating paper for journaling and pictures of the days events.

* Note: I have filled the pockets with added embellishments - left over pieces of papers used - so that the reciever of this book has them for making photo corners or other future books.

 Page 13 - 14

* This is the end of the journal. Final notes corkboard paper - for additional summer event notes on page 13.

* Pg 14, a vellum pocket to put in a treasure with a coordinating bear on the page, on the inside of the flap.

See as picture to the right note the 2 small holes - this is through the 2 layers of card stock back to back, using a hole punch so that when sewing on the cardboard or real button for the hemp used to create braid for book closure. Repeat on the front cover as well.

* This is the final pocket of the book.

Back cover
* Using a battenburg lace dollie, same procedure passing the entire dollie through adhesive machine. Apply as shown. Glue a leather star with button attached as shown using floss.
* Place 2" strip on outside of flap to extend out the bag even with the previous page, you will see that when you start the construction. This is the first actual step to the book construction.
So I do hope you enjoy this journey through My Photo Journal construction and that I have inspired you to make your own Photo Journal Book. Expected for beginners maybe 2 days to feel comfortable doing this project from start to finish. With expected results. Expert level in about 5 - 6 hours.
Hugs and Stitches