Friday, July 20, 2012

I Just Love Swaps

So yesterday I received in the mail the swap I hosted in a series for Thimble collectors

So this was for #6 Thimble and Christmas in July profile surprise and that I was!
Look at what I received!

My profile surprise - Uk cross stitch mag and extras

2 thimbles - Christmas Theme and on for the London Olympics

Then I went to use my free $20 in rewards from AC Moores and had fun with buying a embossing folder binder at 50% off and new Nicole folders on sale for $1.96 each so 5 folders and putting all the ones I already had in it and it is almost full now. love it!

Sending out to my swap partener for the book mark swap. Front and back view

So off to start working on my photo recyle swap project will post once done!

Happy swapping Joan

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