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How-to Make a Folded Fabric Amish Star

How-to Make a Folded Fabric Amish Star
So in the search of instruction to making a Fold Star and I could not find one. And since I am going to host a swap on Swap-bot for 2013 I thought here is my step by step instructions to make your own.
I have used them as insert pieces for Quilts, Purses and just making them as Christmas ornaments for swaps. As you can see using the same fabric and its placement of colors can be quite dramatic.
Materials needed for this project:
2 to 3 different coordinating prints - approximately 1/2 of a fat quarter each.
Cutting for the center thru first 3 rows; 1 1/2" squares
The next few rows will use 1 3/4" squares
(For larger projects for every 2-3 rows increase the square size by 1/4")
2) 5 inch squares to cut out your backing and your foundation fabric. Solid color to match fabric since you may see some of the behind fabric between folded tabs.
1) 5" square to cut your batting circle
See how you can select 3 prints and using a large print for the back. See in the rt hand corner shows how you can use those scraps for this project. No need to go out and shop - just use what you have. A little goes a long way!
*** ***
Back base to ornament/insert

1. Cut a circle with a Fiskars circle cutter or use a circle template that measure a circle 3" diameter. Then cut out a matching circle of thin cotton batting (find that organic cotton batting is the best).
2. Fold the fabric circle in half  - finger press. Fold in the opposite direction, finger press. You can mark your lines with a pencil. These are guide folds. I used this color fabric for this example but you will typical just use a matching solid color fabric.
     2a. Needle thru the center of the 2 pieces using coordinating thread to fabric being used in project. Insert from backside of batting through center.

This first section shows that you can fold the fabric 2 different ways. Since when making each of these I started the fold one way and then another way. Both results end the same. I do prefer the 2 fold.

Folding Technique 1
Directions for both folding methods:
 1. Take square fold in half. Finger press
the fabric to make center.
2. Fold in half the opposite direction, finger press.
3. Take one corner and match to the center line of the square fold or
center of top point of triangle half.
4. Repeat the second half as pictured.

Folding Technique 2

First row of star fabric tabs
1. Take needle down thru the center folded point and secure in place. Match the center top with the fold line on under fabric. (see insert 4 where I penned in a line)
2. Bring the needle up thru the top right corner and back down thru a 1/16th inch away.
3. Needle back up on the right side of top center and come back down to the other fold.
4. Come up in the left corner. Now taking you next folded star tab. Bring needle down into the right hand corner.
Add the next folded tabs.
1. After securing the first corner, bring stitch thru the top center, careful to use the folded crease as a guide for centering.
2. Come back up to the left corner and continue with remaining 2 tabs.
3. Finished row.
1. Change fabric color. Place the tabs about 1/4 " to 3/8" from center as shown. Using the same stitching order, but do not secure your first left hand side since when you come around to the last tab you will be placing it under that corner (with this technique) then stitch in place.
You will match up the points of each tab on the folded centers and the spaces between the tabs.
2. Finished look of row 2.
 1. 3rd row: Place new color or original color fabric tabs with the center points on the created star points.
2. Finish as shown.
3. Starting 4th row place folded tabs matching center points on fold of previous color centers. Take care when stitching near the edge of the circle.
4. Repeat  around and finish row 4. Tabs will overlap past the circle underneath and that is fine.
Trimming stage
1. Now that star is stitched you will see the corners that will overlap the circle.
2. Turn over so that you can see the stitching so as you clip off the tips you do not snip threads.
3. Finished look before backing.

1. Cut a backing fabric circle 4".
2. Similar to creating a yo-yo - stitch a running stitch about 1/4" from edge.
3. Finished stitching.
4. Place ornament in center of circle and gently pull thread.
5. Will fold over the front edge of the ornament.
6. Using the tip of the needle gently push the raw edges under and stitch in place with tiny stitches. Once you have completed the stitching. Knot off and run the thread out thru the back and snip off. Tail will be hidden within the back of the ornament.

Finished ornament. You decide on which type of hanger can be added: beaded, Matching Fabric, Twisted wire.
*** *** ***
Other color and tab folding diamond option.

So I hope that this tutorial has inspired you all! There are so many different uses that you can use these folded stars. Using in pillows, purses or embellishments on jackets. To use them that way instead of creating a backing - cut your circle smaller than one being inserted about 1" smaller than diameter. Clip the curves in 3/8" and fold under and stitch in place. On Greeting cards. So many ideas!
Hugs and Stitches Joan
Sapphire Stitchins'

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