Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Newest Thimbles

Newest Thimbles
So most of you know I have a passion for collecting thimbles and sewing implements.
These are my most recent additions. Have to do a recount plus update my listing but, I think I am over 880 now.
So with further ado, check them out!

Bought at Joann Fabrics in the Quilting section

This a Mexican Thimble with turquoise stones
 From a swap parnter that recently visted Turkey. The first picture shows kind of a landscape mode of the 4 sides the next one the separate sides.

 2nd and 3rd one she sent me

 For the Queen's Diamond Jubilee 2012
 Parnter sent me 3 thimbles from Thailand, want to swap I have 2 of the first one.

 Chester catheral in UK as well as the following thimbles.

And this one is the newest one that just came yesterday it is a handcrafted glass blown fruit thimble and hope to buy more from this artist - how beautiful is this one.
by artist Colleen Schroll from Colleen Creations - Lamprock Glass.
So I hope you that you enjoy viewing my newest members to my thimble family.
Hugs and Stitches Joan

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