Friday, July 22, 2011

Meet my Girls

So many of you that follow my Facebook have meet my Girls.
The first one is my old girlie Bayslee just taken this morning.

This is her place in my office. Under the desk and near me. Bayslee just celebrated her 12th birthday this past June! Where did those years go. She is my shadow. It really is amazing, if she is sound asleep and I leave the room she will seek me out just to be with me. Bayslee is a Lab/border collie mix and in her younger days well there was no stopping her - and I mean that - off to the mountains she be running. The border collie in her - wanting to be on the move. But, these days she moves are her pace.

My newest girlie is Allye. Allye is a German Shepard/Pit Bull mix. She is a lovey too. Right beside me - where I am again there she is. She came here in foster care for a few weeks and has been here the last 4 months. My daughters' friend brought her here and only once did she come to see her. Sad I know but young kids don't realize the responsibilities of a young pup. Even though we wanted to bring another dog into our lives we wanted Bayslee to live her days out with us. But, Bayslee has taken Allye in to the fold and really has been a great assest - she keeps Bayslee energetic with walks in the woods and splashing in the creeks.
oh a picture here is one of her when she came to us a little pudge ball. LOL!
 And her she is today 5 1/2 months old and 30 pounds more if not more. Yeah we think that she will be bigger than Bayslee. She is such a cutie and what a pesonality she has. Loves her balls - they are everywhere - she loves fetching. This is her throne - my reading/stitching chair in my office.
So follow my girls doings as we take walks through the woods. Splashing in the water and having so much fun.
Here is a picture of one of our walks - a run in the creek.
This was a walk we took on Mother's Day - you can see how small Allye is - But they love wading through the creeks. But, a Bath you would think i was killing them, not as fun! LOL!

Hugs and Puppy Tail Wags from the Girlies

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