Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm Back

It has been awhile...these past months have been a trial of sorts for me. My husband past away unexpectedly in January and I have been in mourning. I lost my job last October of 4 years due to layoff. 

Now shutting myself away but diving myself into going thru my home and yard doing what he did and what I normally do around the home. However, I did more of what my dear Bill did. 

2 weeks after he past on I slipped on ice and injured my back and knee. So it only added injury to insult. So everything I had to do around the house took weeks instead of days.

I revamp my entire yard of flowerbeds. Something I did before taking on a full time job that kept me from them. Now they are all looking amazing.  Took  me pretty much 2 months to that. 

Had a leak in my roof and damaged a room in my home nearly 2 years ago. Then the last straw when the ice and snow came in buckets. After having my roof repaired then I repaired the room. Took several months and help from my nephew to get the ceiling done. 

Then I finally after what I called the 5 year project of having a banister installed on my front porch so my dog could be outside with me while I read in the evenings. Took me 10 weeks to get it done. Not completely but the closed in part is done. Curtains - drop down for when it rains I will work on over the winter. 

Then it moved into organizing my huge shed into a wood workshop for me. I thought I was a hoarder of craft supplies. Heck no - my husband loved his tractor lawn mower parts. Did a lot of scraping! Took me 2 1/2 months of sitting and sorting out screws, nuts and bolts. found things I thought was lost forever. Installed 2 small windows to the front of the shed for natural light like he wanted to do. I labeled all the drawers. I just wish he could be here to see it. 

All doing these jobs in pain. Slowly after months of medical attention is finally getting where I could do stuff not at the slower pace as before. 

Now that winter is upon me and listening to my audio books more frequently. You will be seeing book reviews here that I will be doing for I will be doing my crafts again. Start working on  my audio scrapbooks and physical scrapbooks. Sewing and quilting. Crocheting and selling things on line. My photographs posted on Viewbug! 

So hope to see you all commenting again!

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