Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thimble Motherlode

So back from my trip from Madison WI. Spent the week with my daughter and her husband for a wonderful week of touring the area that they will be calling their home for many years to come. At least I hope so.
So one day they took us all down to this small town called New Glarus, a town that was founded by the Swiss from the town of the same name Old Glarus, Switzerland. See many things in this small town of 2500.
So hit an antique store in this small town and found a lot of thimbles to add to my collection. Between the ones I bought there and other places on my travels – adding another 23 to my collection. (Note: the first one in the album came from my husband's friend just recently back from Ireland)
So thanks for looking at my newest additions. I have extra thimbles from New Glaser so anyone looking at swapping – let me know.
Hugs and stitches, Joan


  1. Hello!!!, I'm Arlette from Costa Rica, and I'm a thimble collector, I'd love to swap thimbles with you, if you want, please write to me to arlettelk(@) thank you!