Friday, April 19, 2013

Recycle Cutout Dog Biscuit Tutorial

This is one of the Swaps I hosted on using a box from a food product that has pre-cut out fronts. Whether it has a cello front or just plain like I have here using the front and side of dog biscuit boxes for inserting scrapbook items. Click on each picture to see the steps to creating this pre-made recycled album using recycled items I received from another swap. Leaving half the pages blank towards the back for my partner to add her own special touches.
Comments are welcome.
Happy scraping! Joan


  1. Joan, you are just so creative. I love how creative you are using recycled items. I am sure your swap partner loved it.

    1. She was estactic. And Thanks so glad that you liked it. I will be doing tutorials on other recycled material mini albums. So watch for the posting.