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NEW!!! Audiobook Reviews! My first review "Botanicaust: Botanicaust, Book 1"

"Botanicaust: Botanicaust, Book 1"
by Tam Linsey

I always start my reviews by reviewing the narrator. Since they are the voice that makes or breaks a performance of the book! Will it want to make you want to go back and read the book! Meghan Kelly as in other books I have listen to her narrate excels in a flawless transition from one character to the next. Maintaining that difference or mood of the character as they journey thru this book by Tam Linsey. I do hope that she is brought back for any future sequels. There is nothing more disappointing when authors use another voice in a series. She really brings to life and moods of my favorite character Dr Tula Macoby. 

So let me continue with the characters without giving many spoilers! Dr. Tula Macoby coming from a society called the Haldanians, that believes can help selected others from the bio-engineered weeds that wiped out plant life 400 years earlier making all plants poison. Tula, a counselor assigned to those that are converted with photosynthetics to adjust to their new lifestyle. A society/scientist that believes they are the saviors of sorts in converting the cannibals that also roam the Earth. They also decide who lives or dies if their capturers do not fit the profile of converting to a plant society.  Believing that her way of life will save them. That is until she meets Levi Kraybill whom she believes in the beginning is part of a captured cannibal family. Only to find out he is from another society called the The Old Order. Feeling that her people may not have all the answers. With him as the story unfolds throughout she learns the truth behind her own past! Trying to understand why her feelings are so passionate for someone of a different culture and to wrong yet feels so right at the same time. 

Tam Linsey takes and draws you into the passion! Into the uncertainty! Into the truth that maybe bought her and Levi together are not ready to face about each other!

Levi Kraybill is from a society that believes what Tula's kind are doing is an abomination. They are a peaceful farming community. Believing that God has sent them down the rules to believes are they the only way of life! 

After Tula assist Levi to escape and now making them both outlaws on the run from the Haldandians! Tula learns from him the survival tactics as they travel back to his society without being captured by the cannibals or killed by the Burners. Learning along the way that Levi was on the search for a cure for his son.  Only to be saved/captured by what they thought is a fourth society, Fossilites. Which they did not know existed. Only to find out that all those Tula thought were killed are actually used for experiments of a different kind for the search for immortality.  Will Tula make the decision to stay with them if they are willing to give Levi the cure they said they had for his son? Will his clan let him back? Since leaving against the Old Orders rules shunned Levi!

They do escape and head for Levi's clan with 2 of the ones Tula thought were killed by her people. When they get back to Levi's home. Are they all left to come within the Old Order's protective field? What does Tula learn about herself? Will they accept her and the other 2 Haldadians? What becomes of Levi's son?

Leaving some of these unanswered will peak a curiosity that you will not be sorry to learn as the book whines down. There is not a real cliffhanger leaving this book up in the air till part 2. It can stand as a stand alone read/listen to. Made me wish that I could move to the next book now! I really was pleasantly surprised with this story after listening to and reading other post apocalypse novels. This is certainly a well thought out plot. Totally different! The story can definitely take itself in any direction for future parts. I would like to see the following part have that back story of how the weeds took over the other plants. Seeing it build around Levi and/or Tula family ancestors. This 10 hr plus listen really felt so much longer. Ready for a detail yet full story made me want to sit and listen right thru in a day or 2. 

Note: This review was posted to Goodreads, Amazon and Audible. The Book was provided for review by the narrator Meghan Kelly. All views are strictly mine and not in anyway influenced by others. Thank you for your time reading this and comments are always welcome on the other sites I have listed above!

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