Sunday, December 11, 2011

DOMINICIAN OR BUST? Arrival day and Day 1 Site Inspections

Map picture
So flying in on final approach to Santo Domingo on Sat. Dec 3rd so picture perfect! Came into 80+ weather.
Flying into Santo Domingo
Finally, thru customs. On the way to get our transfer. Oh, what a ride that was! Give me driving thru Philly any day!DSCF6211First night at the Melia. Very nice hotel, very well-suited for the business traveler. DSCF6449DSCF6331DSCF6366Enjoying the local sites. The relaxation by the pool.DSCF6288DSCF6341DSCF6421And a beautiful sunset my first night in Santo Domingo. Tomorrow starts the fun of extreme walking. My co-workers and I off to Boca Chica. DSCF6465
Off to hotel number 1 of 20! DSCN5012Now arriving at Hamaca Suites in Boca Chica. DSCN5039View from the lounge. Now onto the next amazing property – Casa de Campo.
The lobby, celebration drinks, AMAZING FOOD, and amazing view. This is the side of the island I would stay…calm waters compared to Punta Cana side. But, I will be showing you a property there I would stay at. This property is higher end but worth every penny!
Now onto La Romana….DSCN5138ready to dive in….it was so hot and humid…July weather in the northeast. DSCN5148this is Be Live Canoa – for the budget conscience family. Now onto DSCN5216Dreams La Romana…DSCN5170everywhere we stopped hotels would greet you with cold scented washcloths to refresh you and a cold drink….it really hit the spot!
DSCN5175Beautiful gardens….DSCN5182inviting beds…DSCN5193gorgeous views!DSCN5218Welcome to the Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus … the most unbelievable landscaping...DSCN5230DSCN5232
did someone say buffet! Seeing and eating is believing!
END OF DAY ONE WITH MY CO-WORKERS! 6 PROPERTIES DOWN..14 MORE TO SEE. But, actually many more than that since many properties contained several levels of properties on one-site. Some as many as 4-6, so I think each day of walking was 5 –10 miles of walking. So yes, this was work at it’s hardest. Beautiful location none the less.
So how did this happen – details coming up in Day 2 of our site inspections.

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