Saturday, November 26, 2011

Michael Powell Tri-Pic stitching completed


Well I finally finished stitching the Christmas door. No completing my 3 sections of my Michael Powell, Christmas window, mini tree and Mini Christmas Front door. The first one was a kit that I purchased when Michael was having a clearance sale. One more winter scene kit to go yet – Called “Chalet”. That one will be framed separately.

The other 2 pictures are from the “Members download area”. After finishing my stitching last night and laying out the 3 pictures to see what order I will be matting out. Well, suddenly it dawned on me! There is no snow on the 2 freebies. So now a quandary, do I still continue to make a tri-pic or put the large window separate. Then, put the tree and door into a side by side pic.

Hate making decision. So what do you all think? I am going to double mat. Thinking about hand water coloring possibly a snowy scene between the 3 of them. And if I do what order do I put them in. Or just double mat the window and then the other 2 in another frame. HHMMM! The colors for the mats will be crème, accented by black or forest green in a crème frame or black.

So love to hear your feedback. Hugs and Stitches Joan

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  1. I love your Michael Powell's stitching designs! I think you are very talented so hand water coloring a snowy scene between the 3 of them would be wonderful. Can't wait to see the result of your finishing!