Monday, December 10, 2012

No Sew Pillows

Getting Ready for the Holidays!
These are the easiest - least expensive way to dress up your pillows.
 Minimum of 1 yard of fabric for a standard couch pillow. I have put together a how to do it.
These are 2 of the pillows I did.

 So let me get started.
so you can do one of 2 things - 1 yard of fabric(18" pillow or smaller). you can take one corner and fold on a diagonal to mark the point of the true square and cut fabric. You can also like i did the fabric would be 36" x 44"
Step 1
Lay fabric on table - better on floor. Place pillow on square on a angle like a diamond.
Step 2
When on a square it will not be so off as this appears. anyway, fold in the one corner as shown.

Step 3
Fold the fabric over to the center of the pillow.
Step 4 - Repeat step 2 and 3. It will look like bottom picture.

Step 5
This will be the envelope fold, like wrapping a package. fold the fabric in one side and the same on the other side. do this to both sides and onto final step. Taking the 2 ends bring to middle and tie a knot. staighten the flaps to look pretty. Decorate with a fake flower.
Here is some other examples:
Using flannel material
does not have to match.

Took the outdoor cushion and created like a envelope and created with 2 fabric strips - bunch the fabric after tucking the fabric for the sides and then tied to chair.
So happy now my rec room is done for the holidays.
hugs and stitches as always!


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